Carlo ter Woord

Experimental Robotics Engineer

Creative Technologist

Multidiciplinary Designer



Cluster (2022) is a productivity tool aimed at freelance professionals and small teams collaborating regularly. ‎‎


In the ever-growing landscape of productivity tools and valuable online resources, project assets and documents quickly get scattered when working remote in digital environments, and a clear overview gets lost. ‎‎


The main pain points are collaborating with others while having a central space with a clear overview that allows for project asset sharing. Another pain point is that most 'team based' productivity apps usually aim at larger companies and neglect focussing on smaller teams or individuals. They result in feature-rich software with a user experience that does not fit collaboration between a group of individuals. Smaller teams need similar solutions without extensive features. ‎‎


Cluster allows assets to be collected and shared between users working on a project. To prevent the scattered sharing of multiple links over various communication tools such as WhatsApp, Slack or Teams, it allows for a single link that contains all the information gathered for a project in a private environment. ‎‎


Collaboration not only happens with your project team but also with your client. Therefore Cluster allows you to share a Cluster through a public access URL that can be shared with anyone to access its assets. ‎‎


Cluster is currently in private beta to further develop the product and enrich its user experience.