Carlo ter Woord

Experimental Robotics Engineer

Creative Technologist

Multidiciplinary Designer


New Morphologies

New Morphologies (2018) is a work about evolutionary robotics (ER). In 2016, Prof.Dr. A.E. (Gusz) Eiben with a team of scientists at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam demonstrated how robots can reproduce. The robot baby is a first step towards robotic ecosystems that can evolve in challenging environments. Fascinated by this research I raised the question if robotics will be able to create their own species. But it also raised the question how mankind would be able to adapt to this new phenomenon. Intrigued with robot esthetics and their behavior, I created a new artificially evolving robotic species. Questioning the visual representation of what robots look like and whether or not mankind will have to adapt to this new kind of species.