I build product prototypes, design websites and landing pages that drive results for self-employed professionals and businesses that like to do things differently. Hello there! I'm Carlo, a creative problem solver with a practical, optimistic, and open-minded approach.

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Here are some examples of projects that I have done.


These are the types of problems I can help you solve.

  • Website, Application & UI/UX Design

    Proficient in crafting websites and software with distinct user interfaces and experiences, I bring your ideas to life through thoughtful design. Whether building an online presence or creating innovative solutions, I focus on both form and function, ensuring a distinctive user experience.

  • CAD & 3D Printing

    Transforming your ideas into reality by modeling products, enclosures and mechanics utilizing FDM 3D printing for low-quantity production, providing cost-effective solutions for prototyping and product development.

  • Digital Identity

    I can help you with visualizing the unique aspects of your business through a robust digital identity. Collaborating closely with you, I create a digital presence that reflects your brand's essence and sets it apart in the online landscape.

  • Prototyping

    Prototyping your ideas involves developing physical or digital proof of concepts, facilitating effective testing and communication with clients and stakeholders.

  • Motion

    I can enhance your communication by adding motion to your messages and ideas. Whether through animations, videos, or interactive elements, I bring your concepts to life in dynamic ways. I help convey your ideas or stories with visually animated messages, ensuring engaging communication.

  • Development

    Transitioning from design to a fully operational digital or physical product, I can help you that the outcome aligns with the intended functionality in the real world. This typically involves collaborative efforts with experts from my network.