A portrait photo of Carlo

As a creative problem solver, I build product prototypes, design websites and landing pages that drive results for self-employed professionals and businesses that like to do things differently. I analyze problems and develop innovative solutions using my broad skillset. Let's collaborate to bring your ambitious ideas to life.

What challenges are you facing? Let's start the conversation and explore the possibilities. You can contact me directly or schedule a call to discuss solutions and work towards your goals.


I maintain an open-minded and approachable style, encouraging friendly and inclusive discussions. Within a project, there are four key phases we'll navigate together:

  • 1. Establishing and building trust

    Building a mutual understanding of your objectives and exploring how I can contribute, along with uncovering the project's wants and needs, sets the stage for successful collaboration.

  • 2. The ‘let’s figure this thing out’ phase

    Gaining clarity on the problem we aim to solve is crucial for effective communication. Whether through workshops or by asking targeted questions, we continuously refine our understanding to align with the actual problem at hand.

  • 3. Bringing it to life

    This is where we make things visual, prototype and bringing the idea to life. Through an iteratieve design process in which direction we can solve the problem.

  • 4. Direction & delivery

    Following the chosen direction, we iterate on the solution, refining and finalizing it to align with its intended purpose.


I have the expertise to address a range of challenges and provide solutions. Whether it's designing user-friendly interfaces, developing prototypes, creating a strong digital identity, or effectively communicating your ideas through motion and development, I'm here to help you overcome various problems and achieve your goals.

  • Website, Application & UI/UX Design

    Proficient in crafting websites and software with distinct user interfaces and experiences, I bring your ideas to life through thoughtful design. Whether building an online presence or creating innovative solutions, I focus on both form and function, ensuring a distinctive user experience.

  • CAD & 3D Printing

    Transforming your ideas into reality by modeling products, enclosures and mechanics utilizing FDM 3D printing for low-quantity production, providing cost-effective solutions for prototyping and product development.

  • Digital Identity

    I can help you with visualizing the unique aspects of your business through a robust digital identity. Collaborating closely with you, I create a digital presence that reflects your brand's essence and sets it apart in the online landscape.

  • Prototyping

    Prototyping your ideas involves developing physical or digital proof of concepts, facilitating effective testing and communication with clients and stakeholders.

  • Motion

    I can enhance your communication by adding motion to your messages and ideas. Whether through animations, videos, or interactive elements, I bring your concepts to life in dynamic ways. I help convey your ideas or stories with visually animated messages, ensuring engaging communication.

  • Development

    Transitioning from design to a fully operational digital or physical product, I can help you that the outcome aligns with the intended functionality in the real world. This typically involves collaborative efforts with experts from my network.