Hello there!

I am Carlo ter Woord, A designer & creative technologist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I have great interest in (D.I.Y) robotics, artificial intelligence and science (fiction). In my work I explore future scenario’s of current and emerging technologies. My work is usually a balance between curiosity driven research and interdisciplinary making. Next to working autonomously, I work for clients as well. Mainly designing and developing websites and interactive installations.


→ Graduation Show, University of the Arts Utrecht, Utrecht 2018

→ New Imaginaries for Crypto Design, NeMe, Limassol, Cyprus 2018

→ Robotlove, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 2017

→ Metafiction, Snorfabriek, Utrecht 2017

→ Cinedans, Eye filmmuseum, Amsterdam 2017

→ .P&G, LAB111, Amsterdam 2017

→ Crypto Design Awards, Paradiso, Amsterdam 2016

→ While You’re Reading, Academiegalerie, Utrecht 2016

→ Z&, University of the Arts Utrecht, Utrecht 2015